Alexey Albu: Ukraine-U.S. seek to sabotage Commonwealth of Independent States

Experts discuss whether the CIS should impose sanctions against Ukraine

By Ilya Muromsky, Federal News Agency (FAN)


March 6: The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is developing measures to put pressure on non-payers of annual contributions to the organization’s budget. In particular, Ukraine falls under this definition.

Ukraine, since 2014, has not actually participated in the work of the CIS and refuses to pay membership fees. … 

Coordinator of the all-Ukrainian association “Borotba” and expert of the Institute of Innovative Development Alexey Albu noted that the sabotage of work in the Commonwealth on the part of the Ukrainian authorities is the result of the country’s external governance. Today’s policy in Ukraine is determined by external forces, mostly by the United States.

“The result of the coup was almost total loss of Ukrainian sovereignty. Naturally, those who today appoint ministers and determine the country’s foreign policy are not interested in Ukraine’s integration into the union of states. As they say, it was not for this that everything was started. External forces, which are hostile to Russia, do everything to weaken competitors in the international arena. The rupture of relations between Russia and Ukraine is the goal of our enemies. And we must admit that, unfortunately, their policy was successful and achieved great results in this matter.

“The puppet government, fully subordinate to its overseas masters, will never get out of the planned course and will do everything to break off relations. In my opinion, this implies that the application of sanctions from the CIS will only give a negative result for the Commonwealth: Ukraine is just waiting for an excuse to leave this association,” Alexey Albu explained.

According to the expert, Russia does not use this tool [the CIS] enough to spread its influence in Ukraine. 

“After all, judge for yourself – there are no CIS social, cultural or diplomatic measures aimed at integration. One of the reasons is lack of funding. Its budget is less than $20 million a year. For comparison, just one U.S. tool, USAID, has a budget of more than $10 billion a year, “Alexey Albu concluded. 
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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