Ukraine: Condemn attack on anti-fascist activists in Kiev

Statement of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Ukraine on the beating and robbery of its members by militants of the “National Squads” in Kiev

February 9, 2018

On February 7, 2018, around 16:00, members of the neo-Nazi organization “National Squads” beat and robbed two leaders of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Ukraine, Mikhail and Alexander Kononovic.

Around eight goons attacked the anti-fascists from behind, following their idol Bandera’s method. The Kononovic brothers were beaten, including being kicked in the face.

Anti-fascists Mikhail and Alexander Kononovic
were attacked and beaten in Kiev.
The bandits videoed their attack, apparently for a report to their “clients.” This confirms the interpretation that the purpose of the robbery and physical harm was cynically deliberate.

In the attack, items were stolen valued at 1100 hryvnia, as recorded by law enforcement agencies. The criminals intended to continue the beating, but were stopped by random passers-by, Kievites who resolutely stood up for the victims. The “National Squad” fled the scene of the crime, taking the property of the anti-fascists.

It should be noted that the beating occurred 20 meters from a police checkpoint, in direct sight of law enforcement. After police arrived at the scene of the crime, the beaten and robbed members of the AFCU were taken to the Shevchenko district police station in Kiev.

As of today, the police have not initiated a criminal case, and, in our opinion, deliberately refuse to issue a referral for a forensic medical examination to the victims. This confirms that the attack was organized and coordinated by the Ukrainian authorities.

Since 2014, many offices of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Ukraine have been burned and looted throughout the country, hundreds of members of the organization have been beaten. The Kononovich brothers have been beaten and robbed more than ten times. But in none of these cases have the criminals been found. This proves the presence of a close neo-fascist link with state structures in Ukraine.

We officially declare that the Anti-Fascist Committee of Ukraine will carry out all legal actions to restore justice and bring the criminals to legal responsibility under the current laws of Ukraine.

We call on Ukrainian and world public opinion to publicly condemn the beating and robbery of AFCU members in a decisive manner.

We also urge the exertion of maximum pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to compel them to comply with the constitutional rights of Ukrainian citizens and to bring the neo-fascist attackers to justice for their crimes.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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