Greetings from AURORA to Workers World Party 2017 conference

Solidarity message to the national conference of Workers World Party, held in Newark, New Jersey on November 18-19, 2017.

Dear comrades!

We congratulate you on the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution! We would like to express our sincere solidarity for everything you do.

We are trying to share your material with our compatriots as much as we can. We have created an AURORA web page, with the help of our Russian comrades, where we publish our translations of your articles on the anti-racist, women’s and labor struggles in the United States.

Our AURORA Women’s Club was founded a year ago, on the 7th of October.

We’ve succeeded in involving young women, teachers, doctors and scientists, who are interested in organizing girls and women, who raise issues of equality, eliminating ignorance and the struggle for labor rights. Unfortunately, our group cannot yet be considered a mass organization, because it is difficult to conduct organizational work in conditions of survival under shelling and in a state of economic and information blockade.

Nevertheless, together we manage to raise important questions of anti-colonial, anti-fascist, anti-racist and labor struggles from the point of view of modern women, young leaders of mass movements around the world.

This year we read and discussed the work of Angela Davis, “Women, Race and Class,” and studied the history of the Black Panther Party, while not forgetting about our own revolutionary heritage — the work of Nadezhda Krupskaya, “The Woman Worker,” and other Marxist works too.

For us Donbass women, just like 100 years ago, the demand for peace still remains relevant. But we do not want reconciliation with the bourgeoisie and the imperialists, nor with their attack dogs — the fascists. Our teacher and comrade Clara Zetkin said: “Working women, remember that fascism takes away your rights, won in a fierce struggle, denies you independence and work.”

And we need a world in which everyone has equal access to all the wealth of humanity. We need a world in which all types of discrimination are condemned as disgusting vestiges of the shameful capitalist past.

The only way to overcome ignorance is to learn from our common revolutionary past, from each other, to study Marxism and spread Marxist ideas.

The only way to defeat fascism, racism and all other forms of chauvinism is to be an internationalist and spread the ideas of peoples’ friendship.

We hope our friendship will lead to the quick victory of a new socialist revolution, consolidate friendship between peoples and restore humanity!

We are grateful to you for your struggle and support!

Svetlana Tsiberganova and Katerina Ladnova
AURORA Women’s Club
Donetsk, Donetsk People Republic

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