Borotba: Let’s continue the work of Lenin!

Translator’s note: Borotba is a revolutionary Marxist organization from Ukraine. It was banned following the U.S.-backed far-right coup in Kiev in 2014, and its members were driven into exile and underground. Today they continue their work to liberate Ukraine from fascist and pro-imperialist domination.

Union Borotba (Struggle) congratulates everyone on the Great October holiday!

The events that took place 100 years ago changed the course of world history, brought epochal changes in the forms of ownership, redistribution of land, nationalization of industry and banks, abolition of landed estates, introduction of freedom of conscience and religion.

As a result of the October Revolution, the bourgeois provisional government was overthrown! On its banners, the proletarian revolution inscribed the slogans of land to the peasants, factories to the workers, peace to the peoples, bread to the hungry! It was the Soviet government, supported by millions of workers and peasants, that formed a powerful Red Army and preached the class ideas of equality.

People brought hundreds of red flowers to the Cruiser Aurora in Leningrad / “St. Petersburg” on the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.
The Soviet government for the first time gave national statehood, writing, the right to independent development and culture to many peoples of East and Central Asia. The liberation of women from age-old slavery, the overcoming of illiteracy, the cultural revolution, industrialization and the rise of millions from poverty and backwardness are also the achievements of the Great October Revolution.

We must not forget this! Like 100 years ago, the working people of all countries must struggle to implement the principles of social justice, nationalization, solidarity, internationalism, and change the balance of class forces in favor of the majority, not a handful of new-found aristocrats and oligarchs!

Let’s continue the work of Lenin!

Apart from us, there is no one else!


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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