Anticapitalism 2017 march repressed in Moscow; many arrested

‘Anticapitalism 2017’ was stopped at the root: Lakeev, Udaltsov, Limonov detained

By Dmitry Cherny

September 23: Today in Moscow,  the “Anticapitalism-2017” march was to begin at at the Chekhovskaya Metro station, with an end rally planned at the monument to Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya. The notice was filed on time with the mayor’s office, but the mayor’s office behaved strangely: it delayed with an answer, and when it refused, did not offer any other routes for the march.

The left forces, in turn, believed they had the right to hold a march in the form of a people’s festival. They had to start right next to the Federal Agency for Mass Communications (it seems, this is the name of the agency housed where Rachmaninoff lived). Dozens of journalists and cameramen who came to the scene witnessed, however, something far from a people’s festival, but people’s repression.

Sergei Udaltsov detained by police while crossing the street.
First detained was the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the United Communist Party (OKP) Vladimir Lakeev. Then they detained Sergei Udaltsov, coordinator of the Left Front, without any reason at the pedestrian crossing, Eduard Limonov was detained a little later, and even though he is no longer the leader of the Other Russia movement, he had also planned to take part in the festivities. Other people even began to chant “Russia will be free!”, which attracted policemen, as well as television cameras: Putin’s gendarmerie demonstrated to the world how successfully they suppress freedom of speech. The presence of foreign journalists did not in the least embarrass the guards of bourgeois law and order, they “took the word” themselves – and began to loudly utter their mantras in a megaphone: “Citizens, do not succumb to provocations, remember the consequences” …

Comrades of Communist Youth Union detained.
We well remember the consequences of capitalism and the murder of the USSR by those who handed power to Putin in 2000, that’s why we came to the march. Yes, leftist and leftist-patriotic organizations were “beheaded,” but the spirit of these organizations only grows stronger!

We offer this first report and video. At the detention of Udaltsov (in a brief film clip recorded by a member of the Left Front, Oleg Mokryakov) it can be clearly seen that there were no violations of the law, but a politically pre-established script was carried out by a policeman (who even knew the slang word “anticap”). We’re going to the Tverskoy police department to help our comrades Udaltsov and Limonov there. The rest — Lakeev, LF activist Aleksey Vorontsov and many others, are in the Basmanny police department.

Video of Udaltsov’s detention:

Full video:


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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