Anticapitalism March to be held without agreement of Moscow City Hall

On the eve of the World Festival of Youth and Students, the Anticapitalism 2017 March will be held in Moscow on Saturday, September 23.

Notification was sent to the mayor’s office, signed by the participants of the organizing committee of the action. The subsequent actions of the Moscow government, alas, frankly violate the law on rallies.

For starters, the mayor’s office missed the deadline, having spent more than three days on its response. Moreover, the Moscow government refused to agree to the action, without offering the organizers an alternative route for the march.

Despite this apparent violation of the law by the Moscow government, the “Anticapitalism” Organizing Committee decided to compromise and offered City Hall an alternative route with fewer participants. The mayor ignored our goodwill.

In this regard, we announce that the Anticapitalism March will be held in Moscow on September 23. At 13:00 we will gather at the beginning of Strastnoy Boulevard, near Chekhovskaya Metro station.

The law is on our side, and we will assemble peacefully, without weapons, to express our rejection of the inhuman capitalist system that reigns in Russia.

“Anticapitalism” March Organizing Committee 

September 20, 2017

#антикап #мэрия #наснезапретить #23сентяря #акция #Москва

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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