Alexei Mozgovoi: Two years since his murder

By Union Borotba (Struggle)

May 23: Two years ago, one of the leaders of the insurgent people of Donbass, Alexei Mozgovoi, was killed.

Mozgovoi was a remarkable figure because he was a man of the people, who had the same prejudices as many ordinary people who do not delve deeply into politics, but at the same time reflected the people’s best aspirations and dreams. That is why the main ideas for which Mozgovoi fought anti-fascism, anti-oligarchism, democracy and friendship of peoples. 

In interviews, Mozgovoi often said that the main enemy is not sitting in the trenches, but on the contrary, in the high offices of Kiev. That the main enemies are the oligarchs, who pit the ordinary people against one another, who profit from war and the redistribution of spheres of influence. He called on the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to unite and fight together against the new Ukrainian authorities.

The Ghost Brigade became a beacon that drew communists and anti-fascists, not only from Ukraine and Russia, but also from across Europe.

Unfortunately, the communist movement in the former Soviet Union is experiencing a severe crisis and these volunteers who joined the Ghost Brigade were very few. But despite this, the experience obtained by our comrades is priceless. Thus, Mozgovoi’s role in the evolution of the communist movement in the last decade has been key.

Each of us must remember that the crisis of capitalism will inevitably lead to new upheavals, as its contradictions have not been resolved by the war in Donbass. Just as they will not be resolved in Syria or Venezuela. 

Events in the former Soviet Union may begin to develop very rapidly, and we must be ready at any time to pick up the red banner of struggle!

Alexei Borisovich, your work lives!

¡No pasarán!


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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