Donetsk: Formation of Red Guards and Red Army in Donbass

The next meeting of the “Researchers” local history club will be tied to a memorable date: February 23. We turn to one of the brightest pages in the history of our region, the creation of the Donbass Red Guards after the October Revolution. This military unit was organized by the Central Bureau of the Military-Revolutionary Committees of Donbass. Come to the meeting of the “Researchers” club to learn how the process of organization took place.

The Local History Department invites everyone interested in the history of their native land to attend meetings of our club. Admission is free. 

The meeting will be held on February 19 at 14.00 in the cinema hall of the library.

NK Krupskaya Donetsk Republican Universal Scientific Library
84 Artem St., Donetsk, DPR

For information call: 305-34-67


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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