Trump, Poroshenko: Stop bombing Donbass! U.S. out of Ukraine

February 3: We stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers, comrades and friends who are currently under fire from the fascist junta in Kiev and their imperialist backers in Washington and Europe.

Victory to the defenders of Donetsk and Lugansk! Stop the war against the Donbass republics!

From Russell Bonner Bentley (”Texas”), U.S. member of Donetsk anti-fascist militia, via Facebook: 

“I spent today documenting ukrop war crimes from the night before. Huragan missile killed 5, disrupts traffic between Donetsk and sister city Makeevka at “Motel” bus station and roundabout. THREE kindergartens hit by nazi Grad missiles last night. Stores, apartments, bus stops, all hit by Grad and 152 mm artillery, ALL of which are prohibited by Minsk. Photos and vids coming soon. In the mean time, ask fucking TRUMP when he will stop being a state sponsor of terrorism. Ask fucking MERKEL and fucking MAY the same.”

Video: 2 dead, 13 injured as Ukraine hits Donetsk intersection with a Hurricane rocket

By independent journalist Patrick Lancaster

International Action Center statement: “The blood of Donbass is now on Trump’s hands”

English –…/the-blood-of-donbass-is-now-on-trump…/

Italian –

Russian –

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