Lugansk: Holiday celebration held for children affected by U.S.-Ukraine war

January 8: The Lugansk Academic Puppet Theatre hosted the Lugansk Communists and Komsomol, who organized a wonderful New Year performance for the children of Lugansk.

This unforgettable experience impressed the young audience and adults alike. The performance did not cease to amaze with an intriguing storyline, exciting interactive games with the audience, and vivid and memorable characters.

Each year, the Communists and Komsomol members organize these holidays for the children of Lugansk. This year, the celebration would not have been possible without the assistance of our friends and comrades from Russia, the U.S., and many European countries. And we want to say a huge “thank you” for their support.

“A great event was held today,” was Lugansk Communists leader Maxim Chalenko’s impression. “In Lugansk, 200 boys and girls attended the puppet theater and received gifts from Santa Claus. What’s remarkable is the assistance we had from our American, Russian and Italian friends. 

“In New York in December 2016, in connection with a rally organized at the United Nations on the infringement of the rights of children in Donbass, donations were collected and transferred to Lugansk from ordinary Americans. In Italy, we had the support of the Anti-Fascist Committee and the Committee for Solidarity with Donbass. Russians are always quick to respond to such actions, as are ordinary citizens of the EU and U.S. Thanks to everyone, especially Greg Butterfield of New York (USA), Pavel from St. Petersburg (Russia), Luba Reznikov from Moscow (Russia) and Luca Bosio from Italy. Happy New Year, success, health and a peaceful life.”

“Our children in Lugansk have had to grow up quickly, not in years, but in their thinking,” said Anna Brekhova, leader of the Lugansk Komsomol organization. “And I am pleased that, despite what they have lived through, they still believe in miracles. I hope that thanks to these performances, they will once again be free to be children — that they will not be afraid of explosions and loud noises, just have fun and laugh cheerfully, enjoying life every day.”

Translator’s note: January 8, 2017, marked 1,000 days of the “Anti-Terrorist Operation” by the U.S.-backed regime in Kiev, Ukraine, against the people of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics of Donbass. Close to 10,000 people have been killed, including more than 100 children, according to the United Nations.

Photos: Maxim Chalenko and Anna Brekhova
Translated by Greg Butterfield

One thought on “Lugansk: Holiday celebration held for children affected by U.S.-Ukraine war

  1. That looks wonderful. Thanks for doing all that for the kids. Now we have to end the seize of the \”Anti-Terrorist Operation.\” Then we can all celebrate peace.


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