Ghost Brigade shares New Year’s joy with children

December 30: A New Year is coming, and even if we adults cannot arrange a holiday for ourselves, then we’ll give it to the children. That’s because the New Year is the third year of war. The torn country, hung in mid-war, from which all are tired and suffering – first and foremost, our children. But all the more joyful when, in these conditions, it is possible to arrange even a small miracle. 

Such was the atmosphere on December 26 at the Jubilee hotel in Alchevsk, Lugansk People’s Republic, which hosted a Christmas tree for the children of soldiers of the Ghost Brigade (Prizrak). Miraculously, it had everything: singing and dancing with Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, which was decorated and lit by the children themselves, holiday games and contests. And, of course, gifts.

Another meeting of the Ghost fighters with children occurred on December 29 at the children’s New Year tree in the village of Donetsk, LPR. Although the room was so small that it could not accommodate everyone, and Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden – volunteer “Ghost” fighters — had to literally wade between those who came to the tree, the real miracle was the burning joy in the eyes of children who received gifts from Santa Claus and the Ghosts.

We express our deep gratitude to our friends for sending gifts from all over vast Russia. Thanks to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Ekaterinburg for giving Ghost the opportunity to bring children the joy of Christmas amidst this war. Friends, those words of gratitude which we heard from the children and their parents rightly belong to you.

Happy New Year 2017! Let it be better than outgoing 2016, and even more so from severe 2015. Let it be the year of our victories!


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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