Greetings to Second Congress of United Communist Party of Russia from Workers World Party

Dear comrades,

From the belly of U.S. imperialism, we send you warm greetings on the occasion of the United Communist Party’s Second Congress in Moscow November 26, 2016. We join with all of your comrades in welcoming the coming 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution with enthusiasm and great hope for the future of revolutionary socialism and proletarian internationalism.

United Communist Party banners on May Day 2016 in Moscow.
Photo: Greg Butterfield
Workers World Party first became acquainted with the United Communist Party (OKP) thanks to your tireless work in solidarity with rebellious Donbass and the anti-fascists of Ukraine. We have deepened our solidarity in the common struggle against U.S. imperialist aggression in Donbass and worldwide; in the class battles of transportation workers in Moscow and Boston; in our joint concern for strengthening the anti-fascist resistance and solidarity with refugees against the ultra-right-wing tide in Europe and the Americas.

We are especially impressed with the OKP’s efforts to work for the unity of revolutionary left forces in Russia, such as with your recent election campaign and the united Red March in Moscow on November 7. This is an urgent need that all serious communist forces are grappling with worldwide, as both the dangers and possibilities facing us grow.

The recent presidential election in the United States has caused great confusion in the international movement. On the one hand, people around the world were understandably heartened by the demise of the war monger Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, which played such an insidious role in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, and many other places. At the same time, we believe it is a serious mistake to put any trust in the campaign promises of the bigoted U.S. oligarch Donald Trump – a demagogue who has given strength to the worst forces of racism, reaction and outright fascism in the U.S.

The multinational working class of the United States has reacted with revulsion and mass protests to Trump’s selection as president. For our part, we are playing an active role and, in many cities, a leading role in these protests, explaining to newly awakened layers of workers and youth the need for an independent, class-struggle perspective. We are committed to continuing the struggle against U.S. aggression and threats against Donbass, Syria, Russia and every other country targeted by the imperialist system. We understand that Trump will administer an imperialist system that must expand or die, as Lenin explained.

With difficult and volatile days ahead for the workers in the U.S. and Russia, we are fortunate to have serious comrades like you to work with.

Onward to 2017!

Greg Butterfield, for the International Relations committee
Workers World Party (United States)

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