Greetings from Lugansk Communists to Workers World Party conference

Dear comrades!

I would like to greet you on behalf of the organization of Communists of the Lugansk People’s Republic!

Greeting from Lugansk Communists read by Anna Rebrii.
Photo: Greg Butterfield

We know a lot about your difficult struggle and the challenging conditions in which you have to work. Today, all over the world, left-wing organizations are fighting for justice and equality — unfortunately, with varying success. Your work takes place in the heart of the modern imperialist world. Your task is one of the most difficult. But all the more valuable are your efforts and your desire for change.

We believe that one day your efforts will be crowned with success. You will change the system; a new world will be built for the peoples of the United States — of the best and fairest kind.

Despite having plenty of your own problems, you find the opportunity to support and assist left movements worldwide. We thank you for the support and attention that you have given to our organization. Though separated by thousands of kilometers, we are fighting for the same values. And every victory — yours or ours — is our mutual victory, because we are all working toward the same thing: the triumph of justice throughout the world, and for all peoples.

I wish you success and good luck. You still have to overcome a lot of difficulties, but we believe that your persistence, your commitment and your belief in victory will help you navigate all the difficulties and continue your important work.

With comradely greetings,

From the Lugansk People’s Republic,
Maxim Chalenko
Leader of the Lugansk Communists
Coordinator of the Donbass International Solidarity Forum “AIS Forum”

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