St. Petersburg: Revolutionary forces to rally at Lenin Square Nov. 7

On November 7, the Day of the October Revolution, the radical opposition of the city on the Neva River will meet on Lenin Square

On November 7 in St. Petersburg-Leningrad, a rally will be held by communist and left-wing organizations, trade union activists, and other fighters for the rights of workers. The rally is organized by the Russian United Labour Front (Rot Front) and United Communist Party (OKP).

Protesters will express their rejection of low wages, cuts in the social safety net, destruction of free education and health care, rising prices for goods, transport, services and housing, and legalized slavery through the Institute for Migration and contract labor.

The class forces of the city encourage workers to reject government policy and the parliamentary parties which support it, including the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

We are outraged by the policy of eliminating the remnants of bourgeois-democratic liberties, the organization of fake elections, and erosion of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to strike.

We believe that under capitalism, workers cannot dramatically improve their lives. Only the revolutionary transformation of society on socialist principles can liberate humanity!

Get involved in the struggle against capitalism!

Long live the legacy of October!

The socialist revolution is ahead!

Participants will gather for the rally at 18.00 on Lenin Square at the Finland Station.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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