Victims of Odessa massacre remembered in Lugansk

By Alexey Albu

November 2: Two and a half years ago, on May 2, 2014, the Ukrainian government organized a mass murder of citizens of Odessa. People were killed by nationalists, members of various right-wing paramilitary groups. On that day I lost two of my closest friends – Vyacheslav Markin and Andrei Brazhevski, as well as two acquaintances – Vadim Papura and Vadim Negaturova. I almost lost my own life.

Alexey Albu
I’ll never forget that terrible day.

Like thousands of other citizens of Odessa.

Today, together with comrades, I laid flowers at the Lugansk memorial to those “Fallen at the Hands of the OUN-UPA” [Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists – Ukrainian Insurgent Army], as the killers of Odessa are their direct heirs.

We will never forget and never forgive. The killers will still answer.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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