Urgent: Continuing repression against communists in Turkey

By Alexey Albu

October 21: Today the cultural center of the Turkish communist musicians Grup Yorum was stormed by the Turkish Police, who trashed everything and arrested two members of the group. This happened in Istanbul, in the neighborhood of Okmeydanı.

At the same time, an operation was carried out for the arrest of members of the Marxist Revolutionary Youth Association [Dev-Genç]. During this special operation, security forces blew up the ceiling in order to get inside the premises!

President Erdoğan’s regime continues to exist only at the cost of the arrests of opponents, legalization of ISIL oil trade, and exploitation of the increasingly impoverished population.

The task of every reasonable person in the midst of this challenge is to do everything for his overthrow. Erdoğan not only bombs peaceful Kurdish cities and towns, but represses all of opposition-minded citizens inside the country.

Once again, I’m convinced the time for peaceful protests has been left somewhere in the distant past.

“To resist the armed forces of the anti-people junta — we need the armed forces of a People’s Army!” — Ukrainian Red Army


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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