Petrenko: We demand dismissal of judges who allowed attack of defendants in courtroom

Chisinau, Moldova, October 4: Former parliamentary deputy and leader of the party “Our Home is Moldova” (Red Bloc) Grigory Petrenko said on Tuesday, October 4, that “we will demand the punishment of the judicial panel of Riscani Sector Court chaired by Natalia Klevady” after the scandalous incident on October 3, when Andrey Druz (a member of the “Petrenko Group” ) was taken to the hospital unconscious after a violent intervention by the police, who used physical force against the defendants on orders of the judges.

Grigory Petrenko and Ana Ursachi

“We will demand the removal of the judicial panel, not only from consideration of our case, but also from the system, and punishment for allowing abuse and torture of defendants in the courtroom,” said Petrenko during a press conference on October 4, 2016.

According to attorney Ana Ursachi, Judge Natalia Klevady “was introduced into this political case to execute the instructions of [oligarch Vlad] Plahotniuc, who has long sought a sentence against Petrenko.

“The judge ordered the application of physical force and aggression against the defendants because they demanded their right to be present at the hearing where their fate was being decided. I’ll submit all the necessary inquiries to ensure that these judges, headed by Natalia Klevady, are punished. (… ) Plahotniuc is directing this case, through the activity of his protégé Oleg Melnychuk (president of the court – ed), who appointed Natalia Klevady to deal with the case,” Ursachi said.

According to her: “During the violent actions of the police, the judges continued meeting! Can you imagine? The hearing continues while a person is lying unconscious on the floor! Nowhere in the world is this allowed! The sadist in a judge’s robe asks, “Would the defendants like to speak on the motion?” while Druz is lying on the floor, and police are trying to evict him from the hall.”

Grigory Petrenko added that the incident will be reported to all foreign partners of Moldova and that he would ask the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to further monitor the case.

Recall that on October 3, Andrey Druz, one of the political prisoners of the “Petrenko Group,” received a serious injury when police tried to expel the defendants from the courtroom on orders of the judges, under the direction of Natalia Klevady.

Andrey Druz brutalized in the courtroom Oct. 3.

While expelling defendant Andrey Druz from the courtroom, police hit his head on the floor, causing him to be taken to the hospital, where he remained unconscious for four hours. He is currently hospitalized in serious condition.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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