#NuMăTem: Mass protest against oligarchy planned for Moldova’s Independence Day

Celebration of Independence Day threatens to escalate into civil disobedience

Social networks “blew up” with the call to come to the central square of Chisinau on August 27 to protest against the ruling regime of oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc in Moldova.

The call came from community members in response to the impoverishment of the population and the introduction by the government of harsh measures to reduce social spending, after the authorities announced a series of lavish events, including a military parade, for the celebration of Independence Day.

The initiator of the civil movement was attorney Ana Ursachi, who issued a video appeal on social networks for people to come to Grand National Assembly square on August 27 to express their indignation at the actions of the ruling criminal regime for allowing the theft of a billion dollars from foreign reserves and the continued robbery of the country. Ursachi described the actions of the authorities as “a feast during the plague.”

In just a few days, the hashtag #NuMăTem (I’m not afraid – Ed.) has become very popular in Moldova, and thousands of people have already joined in the call, among them well-known public figures, posting video messages urging resistance to the regime. The leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatîi also supported the call, announcing the mobilization of his supporters to participate in the event.

The call of civil society activists was also supported by political prisoner Grigory Petrenko, who announced his intention to come to the central square of Chisinau. [Petrenko and several comrades from the Red Bloc party are under “judicial control,” which includes an unconstitutional prohibition against attending protests.]

In addition, the #NuMăTem action is being actively supported in social networks by representatives of the DA party.

The government plans to start the celebrations on August 27 at 9:00 a.m.. Perhaps this time and location will suit the participants of the civil initiative #NuMăTem.

The authorities have not yet announced how they intend to discourage disgruntled citizens from coming to the central square of Chisinau on Independence Day.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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