Where is Andrei Sokolov? Appeal on behalf of political prisoner in Ukraine

Andrei Sokolov is a metallurgical worker, a communist, a political prisoner and a disappeared person on Ukrainian territory. 

Andrei went to Novorossiya during autumn 2014 as a civilian volunteer. On December 16, 2014, he was stopped at a checkpoint in a village controlled by Ukrainian military forces. His head was then covered with a hood, both his hands and feet were tied, and he was thrown into a hole, just because he held a Russian passport.

After being accused of being a Moscal (Muscovite), an “enemy of the country,” under torture, blows and threats, deprived of food and medical care, Andrei made a forced confession that he had collaborated with the Novorossiyan army.

After that forced confession, on December 28, 2014, he was taken to Mariupol prison, where he was officially arrested, as reported in the documents of his highly irregular trial.

Andrei was unlawfully detained until April 2016, though no evidence or depositions could prove his crime. After he was sentenced to a lesser punishment than the prosecution requested, Andrei disappeared as soon as he was released on April 15, 2016.

No further news has been received about him, even though his life is in great danger. This situation doesn’t seem to concern Western NGOs and the mass media.

Almost a year and a half of imprisonment, and no Western press showed interest in this political prisoner and victim of Kiev’s regime.

Many people are arrested for opposing the government or simply criticizing it, and many are persecuted following tipoffs, a custom supported by the Ukrainian authorities.

The number of people politically persecuted has increased enormously, especially since last November 17, when all communist activities and symbols were banned; more than 1,500 people have been detained and disappeared.

Is this democracy? This is the real face of the new Ukrainian government; this is the so-called freedom of the Maidan “rebels”; this is a fascist and oligarchic junta at the service of the United States and European Union. They are essentially controlled by NATO imperialism.

Please join us to stop the persecution of communists, stop the torture and disappearances.

We ask all progressive forces to oppose this unacceptable barbarity that afflicts Europe.

Stop the fascist Kiev junta! Hands off Andrei Sokolov! Free our comrades! ¡No pasaran!

Coordinamento Ucraina Antifascista (Italy)

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