Monument to Alexei Mozgovoi installed in Alchevsk

By Alexander Krot Skidanov

May 23: A tombstone was installed on the grave of Alexei Mozgovoi a few days ago through the work of soldiers and commanders of the Ghost Brigade (Prizrak).

And yesterday in Alchevsk, installation began of a monument to Ghost Brigade Commander Alexei Borisovich Mozgovoi, “First,” which had its grand unveiling today.

The money to pay for this monument was collected, as they say, “around the whole world” for nearly a year. And now, finally, it’s happened!

As Gleb Kornilov (famous lead singer of “Dangerous,” volunteer and activist) wrote on social media, installation of the monument to Alexei Mozgovoi was conducted in emergency mode the whole day. There were many difficulties, but the Ghost fighters and residents of the city helped: they drove the tractor, helped load the dump truck with gravel and sand, and some assisted with their own hands.

Gleb said there was opposition from the authorities, although he did not specify what kind. But I know the authorities of Alchevsk refused to allocate space for the monument within the city.

In this regard, a provocation by official authorities was expected. Information was even received that the authorities were preparing to use force to demolish the monument of Alexei Mozgovoi on the day of its opening. Journalists and activists, as well as residents of the city, were on duty around the clock at the monument in order to prevent its destruction.

But fortunately, the installation and inauguration of the monument came off without incident. Rumors of the use of force have remained rumors.

It seems that the authorities were forced to concede to residents and activists, due to broad public support. At least temporarily. That, of course, does not rule out future attempts to move the statue of Alexei Borisovich out of sight, to prevent his figure from standing before their eyes in silent reproach of all the officials who came to power on the shoulders of the armed people, but have already started to forget about people’s power, that they owe their high positions to the people.

The events in memory of A.B. Mozgovoi began with the laying of flowers and a solemn rally near the village of Mikhailovka, on the place where the brigade commander and his companions — press secretary Anna Samelyuk, soldiers and guards — died.

In an interview with “Lugansk Comments,” Deputy Commander (at the rear) of the 4th territorial defense battalion Alexey Markov said:

“I don’t want to give a big speech, most of those present knew the victims personally. What is not written by historians, commercial and official journalists, we know – that these people gave the most precious thing they had, their lives so that the people of this land could live free. So that the power in this land would belong to the people. Unfortunately, in this respect, we have nothing to boast about over the past year. Even the perpetuation of our commander’s memory has faced enormous obstacles from the local authorities.”

Colleagues, relatives, and friends of the deceased gathered at the remembrance, along with a large number of caring and concerned people.

Afterward, despite rain starting, a solemn assembly took place at the installation site for the opening of the monument to Alexei Mozgovoi in Alchevsk.

The monument was consecrated by an Orthodox priest. At the ceremony, in addition to the Ghost Brigade commanders and fighters , a large number of people gathered — according to Gleb Kornilov, hundreds of people.

At the initiative of the Ghost Brigade command, at this location, it is planned to create a memorial to all the defenders of the Russian world — the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, Afghan war veterans, militias of Novorossiya and the other heroes.

Mozgovoi was killed, but in our minds and hearts he continues to live, just as his work and his ideas continue to live, having found an echo in the masses.

Installation of the monument:


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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