Moldova: Red Bloc slams police repression of anti-oligarchy protesters

Statement of Our Home is Moldova (Red Bloc) on the illegal actions of police and the criminal orders of Zhizdana and Pynzar

Massive police presence outside home of oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc
during April 24 protest in Chisinau.
Photo: Alexandr V. Gutovski
The party Our Home is Moldova (Red Bloc) strongly condemns the illegal actions taken by law enforcement agencies against the country’s citizens during yesterday’s anti-oligarchy protests in Chisinau.

The use of non-lethal weapons, including tear gas, against demonstrators was carried out in gross violation of existing law, particularly the Law № 218 from 19.10.2012 “On the procedure for the use of physical force, special means and firearms.”

The carrying of firearms by the security forces during the protests, including automatic weapons, is another flagrant violation of the law. This could lead to tragedy and civilian casualties, as well as being nothing more than an attempt to intimidate the protest movement and all active citizens.

Red Bloc youth at the anti-oligarchy march on April 24.
Photo: Olya Mironova
We condemn the illegal orders of the Interior Ministry leadership, who by their actions have turned ​​the police into a private security agency in the service of oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc. Yesterday’s behavior by the police and other law enforcement agencies once again confirms the police-state character of the current regime. The police, as well as intelligence agencies, prosecutors’ offices and judiciary in any police-state cease to serve the country and people and become repressive structures against their own citizens, serving the interests of the ruling clique. Today, the Republic of Moldova is no exception.

We invite all honest police to refuse to execute further criminal orders from Interior Minister Alexander Zhizdana [Alexandru Jizdan], Alexander Pynzar and other underlings of oligarch Plahotniuc, and not to engage in confrontation with their own people, family and friends.

The party Our Home is Moldova (Red Bloc) demands the Prosecutor General’s Office immediately initiate criminal proceedings against the Ministry of Interior officials responsible for the illegal and excessive use of force against protesting citizens!

Chisinau, April 25, 2016


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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