Lugansk Communists laid flowers at the monument to V.I. Lenin

Today, April 22, 2016, Lugansk Communists laid flowers at the monument to Vladimir Lenin in honor of the 146th anniversary of the birth of the first Soviet head of state.

Maxim Chalenko, leader of Lugansk Communists: “There are dates that people will always honor. In war or peace, we will always remember the legacy of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Today, in all cities and districts of the Republic, as well as in the capital of Lugansk, people bring flowers to the monuments of Lenin. Thus, his ideas continue to live and will shape the future in the 21st century.”

Ekaterina Popova, secretary of the Lugansk Regional Committee of the Communist Party: “People do not forget attempts to build a better society. You can rewrite all the history textbooks, rename all the streets and demolish all the monuments, but the ideas of justice and equality will never be erased from the people. It is precisely in these ideas, rather than granite, that Lenin lives. A person who decides to fight for justice will come to Lenin. Because of this, he is feared. Because Lenin is not only an authentic example of how great utopian ideas can become reality, but how those ideas can become weapons which you can use to destroy any oppression. One might think that in politics there is nothing stronger than arms. But this is not the case. Nothing is stronger than ideas that in crucial moments are seized by the minds of whole peoples.”

Alexander Filipsky, Secretary of the Lugansk City Council: “Lenin’s ideas excite the world today. After all, today no one can come close to the standard of life which was built on the basis of Lenin’s ideas. In a society where a small minority has billions, and the rest collect pennies to exist, ideas of social justice will always be in the hearts of the people. I think time will show that society will return to the ideas of Lenin, because otherwise it will be doomed. For Lenin’s ideas are the future. I believe that our children and grandchildren, who consider the Soviet era a fairy tale, will embody and translate Lenin’s ideas into practice by building a new society. “

Anna Brekhova , leader of the Komsomol (Young Communist League) of Lugansk: “Lenin thought about the future of the country which was being built. He gave the young people an opportunity to get a free education, created all the conditions to ensure that every young person could realize themselves through labor, raise a family and give them a decent future. For Lenin, caring for the youth was not about words, but deeds.”


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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