Donetsk: Communists rally to honor 2nd Soviet space traveler

By Communist Union of Donbass
On April 3, supporters of the Communist Union of Donbass (KOD) held a rally on the eve of Cosmonautics Day and in memory of Soviet space projects, as well as to honor the socialist heroes of space exploration.
In Donetsk, there is a commemorative plaque in honor of comrade German Titov’s flight in the Vostok-2. The flight took place on August 6-7, 1961, in the same year Donchane Avenue was renamed in honor of the youngest Soviet cosmonaut and second Soviet person to travel in space.
Red flags and a festive mood drew the attention of passersby, who also wanted to be photographed with the Donbass communists.

Events dedicated to Cosmonautics Day by the Donbass communists will be held April 12 under the slogan “Space – Soviet!”
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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