Donetsk: Marxist get-togethers and local history club set to begin

Marxist gatherings in Donetsk 

Are you interested in philosophy, dialectics, self-education and education, but don’t know with whom to share ideas, or where to find interested people?

We will meet every Wednesday at Pushkin Boulevard amphitheater at 18.00 for “Marxist Gatherings” to communicate, exchange literature and ideas, and just have a good time in the fresh air.

Everyone who comes to a meeting will receive a red flag and Soviet pin. There is a free library for exchange of Marxist literature.

First meeting: Wednesday, March 23

Location: Artem Street 74 A (at Pushkin Boulevard), in the amphitheater, Donetsk, DPR



“Researchers” Local History Club in Donetsk 

The “Researchers” Local History Club in Donetsk at the Krupskaya Republican Library is an association to jointly study the history of our native city, acquire research skills and historical knowledge.

We invite everyone to come to the meetings of our club, every Sunday from 14:00 to 15:00 in the library. Participation and entry is free. 

Do you love our city? Come to the library. Participate in the club. Study history.

First meeting: Sunday, March 27

Location: Artem Street 84, Donetsk, DPR

At the meeting on March 27 we will address the following questions:

1. What periods of the history of Donetsk will the club study in the near future?

2. Developing rules for speakers and discussion.

For ongoing participation in the club, you’ll need to join the library and get a subscription, which will be issued and presented to you with 15-20 minutes, according to the rules and regulations of the library. A one-year subscription costs 31 rubles, or 5 years for 44 rubles. Conditions of membership are available at the library website:



Translated by Greg Butterfield

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