Lugansk: Leftist leaders meet, announce conference plans

On February 26, a regular joint meeting of the leaders of leftist movements of Lugansk was held. The meeting was attended by representatives of organizations including: Left of Lugansk, League of Communists of Lugansk, Lugansk Communists, Lugansk Komsomol, and the Communist Workers’ Organization.

In addition to the regular work of planning joint activities by leftist forces in Lugansk, an important subject of discussion was the organization of a scientific-practical conference of the left.

“We agreed on our positions on current social and political issues and assessing the current situation in the Republic,” said the chair of its past session, Maxim Chalenko. “We discussed the results of joint activities related to the Day of Liberation of Lugansk from the Nazis and the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy, and a plan was outlined for work in March-April.

Maxim Chalenko
“It was also decided to hold a large scientific-practical conference at the end of April, which we hope will develop an analysis and generalization of the experience of left-wing political organizations in today’s reality, and discuss the prospects for the development of the left.”

The conference will bring together all leftist organizations and movements of Donbass.

“It’s very important for us that all leftist movements and individual activists in the LPR reach an understanding on the need to unite our efforts to achieve a common goal — building a society based on social justice, equality and fraternity,” said Chalenko.

Press service of Lugansk Communists – Union of Left Forces

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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