Communists celebrate 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Lugansk

Commemorative events for the Day of Liberation of Lugansk were held today, February 12. The Communists, together with the leaders of the city of Lugansk, laid flowers at May 9th Park, the Pylon of Glory, the Acute memorial-grave complex and the Monument to Soldiers-Liberators.

Lugansk was under German occupation for seven months (212 days). At dawn on February 14, 1943, Soviet troops forced the fascists out of many Lugansk neighborhoods, and by 10:00 they had liberated virtually all of Lugansk. But the battle in the vicinity of Lugansk had not ended – fighting continued in the area of Modern Agrarian University until February 16.

The 3rd Guards Army under the command of Lieutenant General Dmitri Danilovich Lelyushenko and the 5th Panzer Division under General Ivan Shlёmin fought in the battles for Lugansk. Among those who died bravely were Guard Major General Gerasim Vasilevich Mukhin, Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Matveyevich Kurakin, Major Matvei Ilyich Zhukov, and Platoon Commander Gemzadaf Kasimovich Nurgadzhiev. In all, more than 10,000 people were killed in the battle for Lugansk.

Lugansk remembered and will always remember the feats of its liberators!

Press service of Lugansk Communists – Union of Left Forces

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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