Vsevolod Petrovsky: Step into eternity

By Denis Grigoryuk

Perhaps he was supposed to be a political scientist, a talented historian, a remarkable poet, but he chose the path of a fighter for justice and freedom. He was given a short but bright life. The life of a hero.

He went from being an activist of the “Orange Revolution” to a soldier in the Ghost Brigade. There, his life was cut short. In carrying out his duty to the motherland, a duty to himself and his conscience, he gave his life for his own beliefs, did the gallant thing and died a heroic death.

His name was Vsevolod Petrovsky, a war correspondent and Donbass militia fighter with the call sign “Stipa” [“Feather”] …

In January-February 2015, fierce battles raged in Donbass. After an unsuccessful offensive, the Ukrainian Armed Forces got a fitting rebuff from the militia. During the winter campaign, the settlements of Nikishin, Chernukhin, Uglegorsk, Debaltsevo and others were liberated. 

It was in the battle for Debaltsevo that the still very young Seva fell. There was an attempt to attack the positions of the Ukrainian military near Debaltsevo. A detailed plan was developed. The Ukrainian army had set up a fire trap, so it was decided to send only a reconnaissance team. The searchers came under heavy fire. There were many wounded soldiers. For nearly two hours they could not escape under heavy enemy artillery fire. 
When a gun battle began with approaching Ukrainian forces, command decided to send a group to cover the evacuation of the wounded. Vsevolod was part of this group. They successfully carried out the wounded. They had almost escaped themselves. As they were leaving, the team was hit by a second artillery attack. Seva was killed almost instantly — a fragment hit him in the heart.

His comrades remember Vsevolod as a brave and intelligent man. Unfortunately, he was never able to become an experienced fighter. So that each of us could live, Seva found death.

On February 8, 2016, the first anniversary of the death of Vsevolod Petrovsky, friends, teachers, comrades and others gathered at his old school to honor the memory of a Donbass patriot. It was impossible to hold back tears. Many still cannot believe that Seva has not been with us for a whole year.

Unfortunately, heroes are often recognized posthumously. Vsevolod Petrovsky was a hero during his lifetime. Death only opened the eyes of all around to the light inside this young man devoted to his ideals, principles, views and native land. 

Glory to Seva — step into eternity, which he did when he made the decision to protect the Donbass with arms in hand …

P.S.: In 2009, he wrote a poem whose lines reflected his destiny:

He who threw the con job,
who framed Judas and Cain —
about you, not a word is said.
Hold onto your truth. Do not let go — it
will be waiting for you at sunset
starlight on a field of ash.
Without Akathist, without curses
in the field – one is free …


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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