Attempted bombing of Lenin statue in Donetsk: French volunteer’s commentary

Attack in Donetsk … against Lenin! A cocktail of hatred, cowardice and stupidity…

By Erwan Castel, a French volunteer in Novorossiya

On the night of January 26-27, 2016, a bombing struck Donetsk, waking all the inhabitants of the city center at 4:00 … The target? Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov — Lenin — or rather his statue in the middle of the main square of the capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The rear base of the statue was slightly damaged; as for Lenin, he did not even shudder, and continues to smile on the inhabitants of this historic city of the land of Donbass.

I do not present myself here as a paragon of communism and defender of Lenin, but I condemn in principle any iconoclasm in general and especially that practiced here by Ukrainians seeking since their Maidan coup to rewrite their own history, trying to erase from their land, but also their identity, all their history and Russian cultural heritage …

This cowardly attack shows, if proof were needed, the stupidity and hatred today guiding these “ukropith√®ques” who join in the sewers of history the iconoclasts who destroyed the religious temples of antiquity, medieval libraries or modern museums, in ancient Germany or in modern Syria.

Since their Maidan coup, the new masters of Kiev have constantly persecuted Russian speakers living in Ukraine: the prohibition of the Russian language, rewriting of history books, ban on the Communist Party, expulsion of Russian media, destruction of the monuments of the Soviet era, ban on Russian names — this pathetic list is endless, and it is not surprising to see the Ukrops fanatics form alliances with Daesh terrorists.

As for the Republics of Donbass, which some fools want to portray as a Soviet restoration, they are instead all the more rounded in that they respect and accept without denying their complex and sometimes painful historical legacy, applying the thought of Nietzsche who boldly advised to “fertilize with the past in generating the future, this is the meaning of the present.”

Lenin will long continue to observe the motion of history he initiated in this land of Donbass.

The Ministry of Interior of the Republic has opened an investigation into this terrorist attack in the heart of Donetsk, which fortunately caused no casualties. The debris of the explosive device was entrusted to the center of criminal investigation of the Republic, and municipal workers harnessed the early hours of the morning to restore the monument and erase its nocturnal scratches.

History will therefore remember this attempt, including the damage caused, as being as ridiculous as its authors, a symbolic illustration of the hatred, cowardice and stupidity of the enemies of the Donetsk Republic who vainly seek to terrorize the population.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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