Petrenko Group prisoner beaten with rifle butt in Chisinau courthouse

The incident occurred on Tuesday, January 19, at about 17:00 in the Riscani district courthouse in the capital, when the political prisoners were escorted to the waiting room.

As OMEGA news agency reported from the scene, one of the guards, wearing a mask, struck several blows with a rifle butt to political prisoner Andrei Druz in the hallway of the building, while they were being escorted out.

Aftermath of police attack on Andrei Druz, January 19.
Photo: Alexandr V. Gutovski
The guard’s attack sparked an angry reaction from the other political prisoners, as well as dozens of people present at the hearing. The offenders in police uniform refused to submit to the demands of citizens to identify themselves and the unit they serve with. 
Red Bloc political prisoner Andrei Druz.
The political prisoners’ attorney immediately filed a complaint against the actions of the guards.

The incident was recorded by OSCE observers present at the trial.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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