Against De-Sovietization! Against De-Communization!

From Union Borotba (Struggle) of Ukraine and Novorossiya:

The policy of banning Soviets symbols, culture and ideas – this is a way of destroying dissent.

Soviet symbols reflect the social, scientific and cultural achievements denied to us by the criminal Ukrainian regime.

The hammer and sickle is first and foremost a symbol of the unity of the working people, the international symbol of the unity of the working class. Now the hammer and sickle has again become the symbol of resistance to the power of capitalists and nationalists.

We therefore ask you to join in online an flash-mob by posting the graphic depicting the hammer and sickle with the words, “I am a Soviet person!” ‪#‎геть_нацистів‬, ‪#‎геть_капіталістів‬

Translated by Greg Butterfield

One thought on “Against De-Sovietization! Against De-Communization!

  1. Old Soviet saying goes серп и молот-смерть и голод (hummer and sikle-death and hunger) Your time is gone and you are crumble and leftovers. Glory to Ukraine!


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