Pavel Dremov: The last hero

By Alexey Markov

Political Commissar, Ghost Brigade Volunteer Communist Detachment

I don’t want to write anything about the death of Pavel Dremov. We were traveling with Alonso Kexano to the front in Donetsk when the phone call came: “Dremov blew up.” The first reaction — “Oh, that’s crazy! … How could he be blasted on his wedding day!” Everything else is described by Anna Dolgareva here and here.

I didn’t get to Pasha’s funeral until the end of the memorial service, but the guys took me to the front of the long queue of locals and militias who came to say goodbye to the last national hero of Novorossiya. The calm face of a man in his grave, blind to the pain in the eyes of the woman next to him. She touched his hand: “Goodbye …”

He was the last. After the murders of Bednov, Mozgovi and Dremov, there are none left in the LC [Lugansk People’s Republic].

PS: The day before the incident, our Brigade celebrated another wedding. Borisych [Mozgovoi] often repeated: “The dead in the ground, the living — at the table.” For normal people it may seem strange, but the war itself is something abnormal. This is how we live…


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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