Alexey Albu: Russia needs reliable allies in Turkey

By Mikhail Ryabov

November 24: In Turkey, Russia stepped on the same rake as in Ukraine, believes former Odessa Regional Council Deputy Alexey Albu, representative of the left-wing movement Borotba.

According to him, “Betting on the Kemalists was a big mistake.” 

“In relations with Turkey, Russia stepped on the same rake as in Ukraine. Remember that the main partner of the Russian government in Ukraine was Yanukovych and the Party of Regions, which required them not to provide assistance to its competitors — various pro-Russian organizations.

“In Turkey, the Russian ‘strategists’ have made the same mistake in not pursuing a policy aimed at supporting organizations reliable to Russia, and now, at a time of a serious worsening of political relations, Russia has no allies in Turkey.

“Today it is necessary with great speed to establish relationships with all the real opposition and help it.

“First of all, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which has a powerful military wing called the People’s Self-Defense Forces (HPG), and a legal wing, the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), with deputies in the Turkish parliament.

“Despite Yeltsin’s treachery and extradition of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, Kurds are very positively disposed towards the Russian people and consider it one of their main allies in the global geopolitical struggle.

“Also, in Turkey there are a number of Marxist organizations waging war with the government of Erdogan, which also have their own legal and fighting structures. These include the DHKP(c), MLKP, TIKKO, TKP/ML and many other organizations.

“That is, Russia has the opportunity to acquire very powerful allies, on which you can rely in hard times, but whether Russia will reach out or keep silent — only time will tell,” Albu told PolitNavigator.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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