Lawyer warns: Moldova officials may be preparing to murder Petrenko

Representatives of the regime may resort to physically eliminating Grigory Petrenko, political prisoner, head of the Red Bloc party, former MP and honorary member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) hated by oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, and they are setting the stage for this by accusing him of “terrorism and separatism” and having links with “Donbass mercenaries.”

Graphic: SouthFront
This was stated by Petrenko’s attorney Ana Ursachi on Wednesday, November 18, at a press conference in Chisinau.

“Everything that’s happening now, while we’re fighting for the independence of the judiciary, is fraught with risks for the life and health of Grigory Petrenko. If [Alexander] Pynzar — the head of the Department of Penitentiary Institutions (DPI) appointed by the Democratic Party– wants to resolve things favorably for his own ‘April 7’ fraud case, he will certainly do anything to clean up problems for his master.

“If anything happens to Grigory Petrenko because of Plahotniuc and his minions, I say this as a warning … I won’t leave them any chance to justify their actions with allegations of terrorism and separatism, because these words have nothing to do with the ex-member of Parliament and honorary member of PACE Grigory Petrenko,” said Anna Ursachi.

In connection with false information widely disseminated by media affiliated with oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc since November 13 about an alleged relationship between Grigory Petrenko and “Donbass mercenaries” who were arrested in Chisinau, the lawyer declared that “these words separatism, terrorism, Donbass and others are nothing more the inventions of sick minds that fear the people, who understand that a response to their actions is inevitable.”

The lawyer noted that she, too, had been threatened and was exposed to “the risk of not making it home,” but the only protection is through publicizing the truth. Ursachi appealed to the media, “do not become enemies of the truth” because “the more fog over the events, the easier it will be for the gangsters in power to keep us captive and threaten us.”

Recall that since Grigory Petrenko was taken into custody along with six others and placed under preventive arrest for taking part in protests against the oligarchy September 6, and since he was recognized as a political prisoner by the PACE on September 30, the life, health and security of the opposition politician has repeatedly been threatened.

One of the most significant incidents occurred October 18 when Grigory Petrenko was subjected to physical and verbal aggression during an illegal and unauthorized night raid in his cell carried out by anonymous DPI employees. The incident occurred immediately after the appointment of Alexander Pynzar to head the DPI. (Pynzar is involved in a criminal case, in which he is accused of falsifying evidence in the case “April 7, 2009.”)

Last week it was reported that Petrenko was exposed to the risk of tuberculosis infection in prison – he was deliberately taken for one-hour walks in a courtyard set aside for tuberculosis patients.

The lawyer denounced these “actions of the DPI” as “torture and inhuman and degrading treatment,” informing the OSCE, the EU delegation, the Council of Europe and the UN.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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