Borotba responds to Paris attacks

Message from Union Borotba (Struggle) addressed to people in Western Ukraine:

November 14: Sympathy for the victims of murders, solidarity with the victims of terror, is always very important. Just don’t forget that your country has supported a two-year war that killed thousands of our fellow citizens. And these people, who were killed under indifferent silence or militant demands for war to the bitter end, are no worse than the French dead in Paris. The same is true of those who died under French bombs in Libya, where the Elysee Palace helped Islamists destroy a secular regime and ravage the country.

The value of every human life is equal, no matter what country he lives in, and whether she reads the Quran or a liberal magazine. Sympathy for the victims of terrorism cannot be one-sided — if you ignore the death and suffering around you, hardly anyone will seriously believe in the sincerity of your empathy with those who have suffered from terrorism in another country.

So before you join a flashmob today, first try to remember — did you carry flowers after the fire in Odessa and bombardment of cities in the Donbass?

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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