‘We will build a people’s socialist Novorossiya’: Alexei Mozgovoi, Nov. 7, 2014

‘Do not fear to shout loudly about joyful things’

Speech by Ghost Brigade Commander Alexei Mozgovoi at the celebration of October Revolution on November 7, 2014, in Alchevsk, Lugansk People’s Republic.

Good morning!

You have a celebration today, haven’t you?

Do not fear to shout loudly about joyful things. Our enemies and foes don’t fear to shout at us loudly. So why should we be silent, when we have a celebration?

What I want to say on this day … Everybody knows that I was ambiguous toward the period of 1917. Because – while from the one side it was a socialist revolution – from another, it was accompanied by destruction. And I always stand for creation.

But when you see how the monuments to Lenin in other cities are being destroyed, then – in any case – you take the side of socialists and communists. Because the development of fascism that we see now in Ukraine is unacceptable for the whole world.

So we should unite – all as one – to repulse fascism.

I will not talk too much. I’d like to say one more thing: The Ghost Brigade stood for the interests of the people, and will go on standing for the people. And we will build Novorossiya – people’s and socialist.

The Ghost Brigade is together with the people.

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