Moldova: Hundreds demand resignation of Prosecutor General, freedom for political prisoners

Hundreds of protesters came out on Tuesday, October 6, to the Prosecutor General’s Office in Chisinau, and demanded the resignation of Prosecutor General Corneliu Gurin, accusing him of carrying out political orders of the oligarchic regime, as well as harassment of political opponents. The action was organized by activists and supporters of Our Party and the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (MDBGS).

Protest at Prosecutor General’s Office in Chisinau, Moldova, Oct. 6.

“Prosecutor General Gurin is the enforcer of the criminal regime established in the Republic of Moldova! Gurin and the Prosecutor’s Office are ‘political secret police’ which act not only against the political opposition, but also against ordinary citizens,” said Our Party Deputy Chair Ilian Casu.

“All of you have witnessed how Our Party was removed from the parliamentary elections at the instigation of the authorities. More than 60 activists were persecuted in those days. I myself was among the party members who were arrested on the orders of the regime! It has been more than six months, but so far there are no results from the investigation of this lawlessness,” said Our Party Deputy Chair Nikolai Tsipovich.

According to Tsipovich,”All of this junta, which received commands from the oligarchs, conducted illegal arrests of political activists, posed a danger to children and pregnant women during the searches, should answer for their crimes.

“And today, political prisoners remain behind bars (“Petrenko Group” – Ed.), one of whom suffers from diabetes, his life at risk without quality health care. Today, there are hundreds of people who came to say ‘No!’ to this lawlessness. Freedom for the political prisoners!” said Nikolai Tsipovich.

Photo: Alexandr V. Gutovski

Grigory Petrenko, leader of the opposition party Red Bloc, former parliamentary deputy, and honorary member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), along with seven other protesters, was forcibly detained by police on September 6 after a protest in front of the Prosecutor General’s office and attempt to set up tents on the sidewalk in front of the institution for a peaceful non-stop protest against the oligarchic regime.

Despite the fact that more than 30 PACE deputies signed a declaration demanding that the Moldovan authorities immediately release all political prisoners, the opposition members detained on September 6 remain in jail.

A court recently extended the term of preventive detention for another 30 days.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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