Moldova: Health emergency for political prisoner

October 2: One of the political prisoners of the “Petrenko Group,” Oleg Buzni, delivered to the Rascani Court on Friday, October 2, suffers from diabetes and requires urgent medical attention.

Relatives of the political prisoners say that the police did not allow them to bring medication and food to one of the political prisoners under arrest, who suffers from diabetes, and for this reason, he may fall into a diabetic coma.

Relatives of the political prisoner demanded that the court call an ambulance for medical care, but they were told that the police should do it.

Police refused repeated requests to call an ambulance.

Update: 15.00 – After repeated requests by relatives of the political prisoners, doctors finally arrived at the courthouse.

Doctors confirmed that political prisoner Oleg Buzni suffers from diabetes, and announced that he had a diabetic crisis.

The medical brigade reported that the patient was given medication, but he needs to eat regularly and he needs treatment.


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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