Moldova police caught on video planting evidence against Petrenko’s spouse

Plahotniuc decided to settle accounts with Petrenko by putting presure on his wife

September 15: On Tuesday, following the trial of the political prisoners of the “Petrenko Group,” security forces staged a campaign of intimidation against the wife of former deputy Grigory Petrenko.
As OMEGA news agency learned, earlier in the day, several police officers demanded to search Lilia Petrenko’s car in front of the Appeals Chamber of Chisinau.
Later, after the vehicle was parked, about 20 men with machine guns searched the car. After some time, the street was cordoned off, and additional police cars and sappers were brought in. According to eyewitnesses, between prosecutors, police officers and other “military experts,” more than 40 people were involved.
Details of the search and results are not yet known. It is noteworthy that the search was conducted by “experts” without gloves, using their bare hands.
The entire exhibition lasted more than two hours.


Prosecutors have resorted to fraud to pressure the wife of political prisoner and ex-deputy Petrenko  

Fraud was documented by eyewitnesses to the search organized by prosecutors on Tuesday, immediately after the trial of the “Petrenko Group” political prisoners.
In video footage received by the editor of OMEGA news agency, taken after the car was twice searched unsuccessfully, the moment can be clearly seen when Lilia Petrenko and attorney Anna Ursachi were distracted by questions from one of the investigators on the opposite side of the car, while another participant of the search approached a third, handed him something and hastily departed.
A few seconds later, after the public prosecutor, to whom the “discovery” was handed over, gave a signal on the phone, another prosecutor “dives” into the back right door and discovers “a number of strange items.” It is noteworthy that the discovery occurred after the whole car was searched twice before.
After that, the car was quickly surrounded by machine gunners and sappers.
Investigators insist that fuses for stun grenades had been “found,” which, according to prosecutors, Lilia Petrenko was constantly carrying in the car in which she daily drives two primary-school-age children.
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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