Maryana Naumova in Alchevsk: ‘Helping peers is my duty as young communist’

By Alexander Alexeyev, Recent News of Donbass

On September 1, 2015, at 17:00, in the Victory Park of Culture and Rest, a Russian bench press tournament was held for the militia fighters and everyone else in Alchevsk [Lugansk People’s Republic].

Judging the competitions was Maryana Naumova – the strongest girl in Russia, world-class athlete in powerlifting, and absolute world record holder in the bench press among teenage women.

Today, I once again had the honor of speaking with Maryana.

Journalist Alexander Alexeyev with Mayrana Naumova.
Photo: Recent News of Donbass
Alexander Alexeyev: Maryana, you held a Russian bench press tournament. Do you think such events are necessary, and if so, why?

Maryana Naumova: I spent today organizing the Russian press tournament in the Victory Park of Culture and Rest. Some believe that in difficult wartime people do not need sporting events, but it’s not so. I see that during my tournaments people are distracted, they smile, they feel happy, and this is the most important thing. I’ve seen this reapeatedly during my visits and I will continue to hold them.

Previously, I worked with an American sports nutrition company, I was their face. After my trips to the Donbass, there were some problems in the relationship, and I decided to change sponsors. Now I work with the Russian firm “PureProtein,” which supports my humanitarian missions and helps me with prizes for participants.

AA: What prizes were provided for the tournament?

MN: For boys and men, I brought sets of sports nutrition — protein, creatine and shakes, for girls and women — sports biscuits and sweet, but not high-calorie, jams – this will help them maintain fitness.

AA: What are your impressions from your visit to Alchevsk?

MN: I liked Alchevsk – it’s a clean, quiet town, one cannot see there is war nearby. I have long wanted to come, I wanted to meet the extraordinary man Alexei Mozgovoi and was very sorry that he tragically died. I would like to say a huge thank you to the leadership of the Ghost Brigade of Alexei Mozgovoi and Anna Novorossiysk for their help in organizing my trip to Alchevsk, and to everyone who helped and accompanied me. Thanks to you guys – war correspondents! I love you all very much! I’ll try to come in the New Year, if possible. And bring, as always, support and sports tournaments!

AA: What principles do you live by?

MN: I am a member of the Komsomol, and I think helping my peers who are in a difficult situation is my duty as a young communist. During this trip I visited the Museum of the Young Guard in Krasnodon — it made a big impression on me. I would like to be at least somewhat similar to these heroic young people …

AA: What are your wishes for the residents of Alchevsk?

MN: I wish all the residents of Alchevsk patience! We all create our own destiny — no one will do it for us. Keep this in mind, do your best to achieve your goals, and you will definitely succeed!

AA: Thank you for the interview. I wish you all the best: success in everything and may god help you!

MN: And to you, good luck in everything, Alexander.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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