Repression in Ukraine: 5 years in prison for distributing newspaper

September 2: Servants of the world aggressor the United States continue to wreak havoc on the territory of Ukraine for the second year and throw dissenters and freedom-loving citizens into prison.

In Krivoy Rog, the court sentenced four local residents to prison for distributing 2,000 copies of the newspaper “Novorossia.”

Three men (one 31 years old, and two 55 years) and a 47-year-old woman were found guilty of this crime. In June-July 2014, they distributed the newspaper in the city — according to investigators, they received the task from representatives of the Donetsk People’s Republic. In late July, they were arrested on charges of separatism, and now the court has handed down its final verdict — 5 years in prison for team members and 5-and-a-half years for the leader.

It is worth noting that the accused rejected the charge of separatism, but the court found it fully proven.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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