Lugansk: An almost peaceful September 1

By Alexey Markov
Political Commissar, Ghost Brigade Unit 404 – Volunteer Communist Detachment
Today, Ghost Brigade commanders and Alena Shmelev, a representative of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, visited secondary school № 20 in the village of South Lomovatka, which housed units and brigade headquarters in January and February during the Debaltsevo operation. [Translator’s note: September 1 is the first day of school in the Donbass people’s republics.]

The school was pretty badly damaged during the shelling and some classrooms are still in need of repair, but through the efforts of the teachers most of the space has been put in order. 

Alena Shmelev of the KPRF (left) and Ghost Brigade Commander Yuri V. Shevchenko (center)
with students at secondary school No. 20.
I’m not rushing to write anything today – feeling under the weather. Presumably, the result of fatigue and communicating from the back seat. So look at the pictures and see for yourself.

 Gifts from the Communist Party: notebooks, pens, diaries and pencils. 

Today 73 students are studying at the school. In the best Soviet times, there were up to a thousand. 

 Solemn line, live performance, MiB-security.

Well, a few photos for memory:

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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