Moldova: People’s Mobilization Against Oligarchs called for Sept. 6 in Chisinau

August 26: A people’s mobilization has been called for Sept. 6 at the Academy of Sciences in Chisinau. This was announced during a press conference by one of the organizers of the civil protest of Liberty Township, leader of the Red Bloc (Our House – Moldova), former parliamentary deputy Grigory Petrenko. According to the politician, Moldova’s multicultural and multilingual people must overcome the differences that divide them to protest against the ruling oligarchic regime. According to Grigory Petrenko, “the purpose of anti-government protests is to free the captured state which Moldova is today.”
“Contrary to some inconsistencies with various representatives of the civic platform, we could not stand idly by. We have the same requirement, in particular, we also demand the liberation of the country from the dictatorship of the oligarchs, we also want the resumption of the work of democratic institutions,” said Petrenko.
In this regard, he noted that “we will organize a large march on September 6 from the Academy of Sciences to the central square to express a strong ‘No!’ to the current regime, [oligarch Igor] Plahotniuc and his entire criminal organization called the Democratic Party.”
The former deputy stated that information tents will be opened in all the major cities of Moldova, where anyone can sign up to participate in the protest. In addition, he said, a “headquarters of protest actions” will be opened on Dosoftei Street 122. For those who are unable to come to the information tents, there is a hotline: 022 83 82 65.
“Our main demands are cancellation of the predatory tariffs, prosecution of all those involved in the ‘robbery of the century,’ as well as the arrest of oligarch Plahotniuc, de-politicization of the security forces and resignation of their leadership,” he added.
In addition, according to Petrenko, another demand – which aims to release the captured state — is suspension of the Democratic Party, “which captured all the key structures in the country.”
“We call on citizens to unite around these demands, regardless of political, linguistic, or national affiliation,” he said.
Petrenko said that the upcoming protest is not political but civil, adding that there would not be flags of political parties or other countries in the march.
Grigory Petrenko speaks at press conference August 26.
Grigory Petrenko appealed to all civil society activists, state employees, pensioners, students and other people under the yoke of the regime to support the people’s protest. “Drop everything and come on September 6 at 12.00 to the Academy of Sciences, and together we will demand the abolition of tariffs, the arrest of all involved in the theft of billions, de-oligarchization, de-politicization of law enforcement agencies and the prohibition of the Democratic Party as an organized criminal group. We declare a people’s mobilization to protest,” Petrenko said.
Next, civil society activist and representative of the Red Bloc Alexander Rosca said that an uprising is the last legitimate method of regime change in Moldova, in accordance with the preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Another activist, Mikhail Amerberg, appealed to the employees of the security forces to cross over to the people, because they too will have to pay extortionate rates, and they gave an oath of loyalty to the people, not to protect the oligarchs.
According to the organizers, protesters will march from the Academy of Sciences toward the central square of Chisinau.
Translated by Greg Butterfield

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