Ghost Brigade roots out neo-fascist saboteurs

By Alexander Krot

August 18: Friends, the first fruits of the work of the Commissars in the Brigade:

Thanks to the work of the Commissar of the 1st company, Timur (callsign “Faust”), the ability of the neo-fascist political organization Phoenix Assault Company to pursue its destructive propaganda work among the fighters of the 1st Company, 2nd Battalion of the Ghost Brigade was suppressed.

Within a week, Commissar Faust, in conversations with soldiers of the company, proved the harmfulness of the political position of the leaders of this organization, and at the General Meeting of the 1st Company, the fighters decided to expel from its ranks all members of the neo-Nazi grouping.

Four men who, in their political illiteracy, were part of the organization, having realized the harmfulness of neo-Nazism, renounced these ideas and remained to serve in the unit.

The three main organizers of the neo-Nazi group were disarmed and expelled from the Brigade, after addressing the soldiers with the consent of the company.

The creators of the Phoenix Assault Company, Andrey Rodionov (“Viking”) and Andrey Afanasev (“Czeslaw”), announced their defeat on the organization’s social media page.

The neo-fascists cried and complained that “… in connection with the Ghost Brigade, there was an unfavorable atmosphere for us, the backbone of the Phoenix assault company, consisting of Rodnovers [neo-pagan fascists] and Russian National Patriots, decided to leave the Brigade …”

So the Brigade is being cleansed of Nazi evil …

And the screen capture for confirmation:

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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