Lugansk: Summary from the front

By Alexander Krot
Alchevsk, Lugansk People’s Republic

August 17: For the last few weeks, the situation at the front in the zone controlled by the Ghost Brigade has been tense but stable.

Almost daily, the Ukrainian DRG [Sabotage and Reconnaissance Group] attempts to penetrate the brigade’s combat formations. These attempts have been stopped by our team.

Also, the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ (APU) daily shelling of the villages of Zhelobok, Donetsk and Frunze, as well as the 31 and 44 checkpoints, doesn’t cease. Besides shelling, the Ukrainian army uses small arms, AGS, ZSU, tanks and BMPs [infantry fighting vehicles].

The APU has been increasing its troop strength along with personnel carriers and armored vehicles. We have noticed the appearance of enemy helicopters.

Also, observers reported Ukrainian units removing their own mines and concrete barriers, which by all military guidelines is evidence of an imminent attack.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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