‘Ghost’ fighter: Root out right-wing nationalists in Donbass

By Eugene Wallenberg
Ghost Brigade political department

August 13: Donbass needs no fascism, no Nazism, absolutely no nationalism. Our work and our homeland don’t need radical right-wing ideology or right-wing trash in general. Dump them. 

A trash heap often produces a stench similar to the dissemination of neo-Nazi ideology. In Donetsk, Lugansk, and all the cities of the Republics, it is not enough to close our eyes to these manifestations. It is necessary to clean out the trash from our home. We are common people and 99 percent of us are internationalists! Strongly drive the scum from our ranks! 

Please note that modern neo-Nazis, or nationalists, as they like to call themselves, masquerade under different wrappers. One is “Slavic Neo-Paganism,” another “Russian patriotism.” It’s all pseudo-ideology, a false version of the Russian world.

Donbass is an international workers’ region. In my division rooted in Donbass, there are Russians and Ukrainians, Armenians and Azeri. And so it is everywhere.

Beat the Nazi scum wherever they are! Our strength lies in the unity of the working people, not national myths!


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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