Lugansk frontline notes: Armor is strong

By Alexander Krot
August 6: In these days of the hot “truce,” the Ghost Brigade does not stop its intensive combat training.
In addition to sentry duty, combat duty and reconnaissance, combat training, the shooting range and military exercises fill the days and nights of Brigade fighters.
On one sunny day, the crew of a BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle and troops of the 32nd mechanized company of the Ghost Brigade moved onto the training ground to practice shooting.
During the march to the site of the exercise, unit fighters noticed a grass fire in a field, near crops of rye.
To prevent a major fire which could destroy the sown field, the troops and BMP crew extinguished it. After the fire was successfully put out, the fighters continued their march to the target range.
Upon arrival, the crew completed fueling the BMP in the field and fired a machine gun and the vehicle’s weaponry.
The exercises were determined “successful,” with the Company Commander call sign “O.” giving comments and correcting errors by the crew.
After completion of the firing training, the BMP-1 and troops returned to their place of permanent deployment.

To illustrate, a few photos and a short video with upbeat music:

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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