‘NO to the end!’ Borotba in solidarity with the struggle of the Greek people against the EU empire

July 16: The popular referendum held July 5 in Greece raised hopes for long-awaited changes, and not only in that country. Greece has captured the world’s attention as a place where a break with decades of disastrous policies of neoliberalism can begin, where a resounding defeat can be inflicted on the anti-people EU empire. The people of Greece declared a strong and unequivocal ‘OXI’ to the strict requirements of the IMF, the ECB and the European Commission, said ‘NO’ to austerity measures and savage privatization. And we cannot but admire the courage and the will shown by the Greek people in confronting the predatory policies of the Troika.

Street battles outside the Parliament in Athens, July 15.
But the draft agreement with the creditors, which the government of Alexis Tsipras plans to sign, completely ignores the results of the referendum. This move not only betrays the people’s trust in the government, but also threatens Greece with a deteriorating economic and social situation. This step would put an end to all the hopes the referendum results brought to the progressive people of the world. And it’s even more frightening that such a step comes from a government which calls itself left. Thus the “left” government deliberately passes the initiative into the hands of the right-wing and acts against the interests of its people, leaving the country at the mercy of the new colonizers.

We express our warmest support to those left and communist forces in Greece who are not afraid to say that the European Union is a prison of nations, and who call on the people to unite in the struggle for “No to the end!,” against the memorandum, for the cancellation of the illegal debt and exit from the euro zone, for workers’ control and nationalization of the banks.

Another world is possible!

Union Borotba (Struggle)


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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