Arkadich: Ghost Brigade bites back as Ukrainian forces target civilians

Video interview by Igor (“Troll”) and Sergey (“Dancer”)

Excerpts from an exclusive interview with “Arkadich,” [Pyotr Birukov], commander of the Volunteer Communist Detachment of the Ghost Brigade, about the situation at the front on the territory entrusted to him.

“Basically, the village of Donetsk [in Lugansk People’s Republic] is now subjected to shelling. [Ukrainian forces] are routinely firing into the streets. Thank God, we have not taken losses recently,” said Arkadich.

Church in Donetsk village, Lugansk, damaged by Ukrainian shelling.
“In general, they try to squeeze us at the line of contact, but mainly by shelling the civilian population,” said the commander of the communist volunteers of Ghost Brigade.

“For their audacity, we bite back at the enemy, but within limits acceptable under the Minsk agreements. Unfortunately, we can’t use heavy weapons. So they have gotten much stronger,” Arkadich told NewsFront.

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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