‘We will happily build a Novorossiya where no bastard would call a child a "Colorado larva"!’

July 1: It’s been 40 days since the death of Ghost Brigade Commander Alexei Borisovich Mozgovoi. We spoke to Commissar Alexey Markov:

“When we are asked what will happen with the Brigade, what are we going to do next … Look at this girl … We are here for those like her! And we sure as hell aren’t going to give up or leave. We are here until the end. 

“We are here to ensure that this cemetery does not grow longer, for the sake of our children, and so that those who lie here have not died in vain. If we betray them — they would die a second time. We will not allow it.”

[Translator’s note: “Colorado Beetle” or “Colorado Larva” is a slur used by Ukrainian nationalist-fascists against the people of Donbass and other opponents, equating them with insects or vermin.]

Translated by Greg Butterfield

One thought on “‘We will happily build a Novorossiya where no bastard would call a child a "Colorado larva"!’

  1. Great work & many thanks ;-). The Colorado beetle is an orange and black striped beetle that eats potatoes. Same colour as the St Georges ribbon. This is what Ukie reference is to. It is good to see that the work and the mental attitude of Commander Mosgovi is to be continued by Prizrak; now operating out of the Donetsk Peoples Republic, due mostly to concerns revolving around the assasination of Commander Mosgovoi. Everyone is waiting for another push from the Ukies, every day and night they shell Donetsk and the surrounding area, mostly with smaller but sometimes with large 120mm. They are on their fifth conscription and most of these \”soldiers\” do not want to be fighting their brothers in the east. The US will force Poreshenko to throw everything he has into battle…..but the result will be the same as the previous two times. With the hot heat in Donbass the area known as the cauldron around Saur Mogila does not smell too good from thousands of loosely buried corpses…same problem around Debaltsevo. Novorossia will win, there is no doubt of this. People who fight with their backs against the wall in their homelands to protect their families fight much harder than any conscript or mercenary does. Слава Донбассy


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