Arkadich: ‘We’ll free Lvov from the fascist vermin together with its residents’

By Alexander Krot

June 20: I met once again with Pyotr Biryukov (“Arkadich”), deputy commander of the Ghost Brigade of Alexei Mozgovoi and commander of the Volunteer Communist Detachment. I asked him about a number of issues of interest to our readers.

Alexander Krot: Pyotr Abramovich, our readers are interested in your opinion of the Minsk ceasefire – the so-called Minsk 2 agreement. Why do we need it, or is it necessary at all? Should this time perhaps be used to prepare the Lugansk People’s Republic (LC) for war? What do you think are the Kremlin’s plans in relation to the Minsk agreement?

Pyotr Biryukov: It’s a very difficult question, very complex actually. If we were at war with a rational state, I would raise both hands in favor of peace talks, but it is impossible to negotiate with the fascist clique in power [in Kiev, Ukraine]. I don’t think it was necessary to conclude a truce. As for the “Kremlin’s plans” regarding the Minsk agreement, I’ll be frank — Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] did not disclose his plans.

I’m not much of a policy expert, I shoot from the hip, but I do know one thing — the Minsk agreement will not destroy Novorossiya. Novorossiya is already a fact, and despite all the changes taking place through its birth and development, it is a living, growing organism. It would be strange to expect a newborn child, on the third day after its birth, to use cutlery, eat steak and wear a tuxedo. Therefore, it is necessary to be patient and work and fight for the good of Novorossiya. And yes, we should use this time to prepare for the liberation of all Novorossiya from the fascist junta.

Commander Pyotr Biryukov (Callsign ‘Arkadich’)
AK: When will you go to liberate the rest of Ukraine? How long will we have to pretend that there is no war, and tolerate fascists in the occupied territories of Ukraine?

PB: Regarding when the orders will be given and when we will go, and the theme of “they stopped and do nothing”: To beat the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) and national fascists is not like chasing pigeons with a broom, it is a difficult and serious matter. Those with experience in modern, combined forms of combat should understand this. You need to learn, prepare for a serious war, and that is what we are doing.

That it will continue, there is no doubt at all. All the more so because huge numbers of people in the Nazi-occupied territories await us as liberators. We would very much like to win honest officers and soldiers of the APU to the cause of Ukraine’s liberation from the Poroshenko-Lyashko junta, I think that time will come. We will free Lvov from the fascist vermin together with Lvov’s residents. And they will demolish the monument of Bandera themselves, not us, but we can help them.

AK: Our readers are also interested in the difficulties experienced by the Ghost Brigade at the moment. Are there any negative actions against the brigade command and fighters from the government of the LC?

PB: There are serious difficulties, the Republic is young, there are material and organizational problems, but they can be solved. We are volunteers and we knew that we were going to war, not on a safari with a five-star bungalow. Because of this we will survive any difficulties. We have normal relations with the command of the LC People’s Militia, mutually respectful relations.

Modern warfare — and this is truly a modern war — requires strict control of the armed forces, and we support this. Understand that a volunteer is not a strange figure that wants to fight and do whatever he pleases, absolutely not. The volunteer is a person who, by the call of his heart and conscience, has taken on a heavy burden of military labor, hard and often thankless. This burden and responsibility, which the state usually loads on citizens under threat of punishment, is multiplied a hundred times for a volunteer in comparison to a draftee or contractor. We don’t feel adverse actions against the Brigade by the LC authorities.

AK: Why does the Brigade take on social functions of assisting the local population in addition to its military tasks? What is the reason? Are the local civil authorities of the LC unable to cope with their responsibilities?

PB: I repeat again, our Republic is young; it still has a lot of growth and challenges to its development to overcome. So to say that someone cannot cope is premature. The Brigade assumes social functions for several reasons. First, we militia came not only to fight, but to help people and protect the civilian population from the war imposed on them by the fascists. And social assistance is one of the ways of protecting people and helping them. Second, a lot of people come to the militia with a lot of heart, but not everyone can fight due to age or health. These people can take on the social front, thereby staying away from the fighting, but still participating in our common noble cause, and this is important. Everyone who comes to the militia brings something he or she can contribute — one in the trenches, and another in social projects. Here’s the answer to your question, an exhaustive one, I think.

City of Alchevsk, headquarters of the Ghost Brigade of A. Mozgovoi, Deputy Brigade Commander Pyotr Biryukov – “Arkadich,” 06/20/2015


Translated by Greg Butterfield

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